I’m suffocating in this endless night
I’ve got to kick down the door of this dungeon

Smash the damned lock on the door of the dark epoch
Rectify a flag of blood out of the heart of rock
Blast through the rigidity of the highland with rage

Elucidate the aurora with your songs and melodies
Open your wounded mouth and shatter this infinite lineup of suspense

The nightly shadow of the fear and looting is expanding in all directions
Strike the daemonish ghost with your lightenings

Nobody’s going to come lift you up from outside
You’ve got to make it out of this jailhouse on your own and destory the army of evil

Even the sun has given up on this endless night
You’ve got to be your own sun and rise up to break this spell

Sing and chant, seize the night, reveal your existence
Let your melody demolish the fortress of fear


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